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Flames Against the Dark.jpg

Flames Against the Dark - Saving America’s Sacred Sites 

Photography/Cover by Lynn H. Butler
Hayriver Press | 2022

Inherently appealing to not only students and masters of nature and ethnic photography, but also to a broader audience of readers fascinated by the continent's ancient origins and living legacies, as embodied in North America's sacred sites and native peoples who revere and preserve them.

Imperiled Landscapes.jpg

Imperiled Landscapes, Endangered Legends  

Photography by Lynn H. Butler; Poetry Edited By Margo Taft Stever. Universe Publishing, 1997


An exquisite chronicle of impressionistic landscapes taken from horseback by photographer Lynn Butler accompanied by 18 selective poems about horses and 75 illustrations.
     "Transferring the photographic medium to respond to the environment." -- Dan O’Leary, Director, Portland Museum of Art

Coney Island Landscape.jpg

Coney Island Kaleidoscope 

Photography by Lynn H. Butler, John B. Manbeck, Author. Beautiful America Publishing Company, 1991

80 Images taken of Coney Island take an affectionate and unique view of this remarkable melting pot of American life. Many of the images are taken on the move creating sensitive colorful imagery with a highly impressionistic quality text by historian John Manbeck.

Sleepy Hollow.jpg

A Passage Through the Land of Sleepy Hollow 

By Lynn Hyman ButlerGlover Health Care Communications, 1988

“Enter an enchanted terrain where legends flourish and photographs alternate between the recognizable and the imaginary extending the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The images and text explore the journey with the reader playfully and with purpose…”
-- Robert Blake, International Center for P

They Became Stars.jpg

They Became Stars  

Poetry by Liz Marlow. Photography by Lynn H. Butler. 2019

Liz Marlow’s collection is a book of real life horrors revolving around the controversial World War II figure, Chaim Rumkowski, each one exquisitely rendered. The voices of the Holocaust—its victims, its perpetrators—rise wraithlike in these poems, singing clear notes against our collective impulse to turn away…With their arresting imagery and relentless precision, Marlow’s poems leave us, gasping and floodlit in history’s chambers, with nowhere to hide. 

Every Present Thing a Ghost.jpg

Every Present Thing a Ghost 

By Rebecca Doverspike. Cover by Lynn H. Butler

Slapering Hol Press proudly presents Rebecca Doverspike's Every Present Thing a Ghost, winner of the 2018 SHP Chapbook Contest.

A Plant Once Uprooted.jpg

A Plant Once Uprooted Can No Longer Hug the Ground 

By  Renee Fersen Osten  (Author) and Lynn Hyman Butler  (Illustrator)

Photography of current landscape in France incorporated with archival photographs of atrocities that took place in that landscape. The story told in poetry by a survivor of the Holocaust remembered from the mind of a seven-year-old child whose life was overturned by the horror of World War II.

Toxic Circles.jpg

Toxic Circles  

By  Helen E Sheehan and Richard P. Wedeen. Cover illustrated by Lynn H. Butler. 1993


The book focuses on New Jersey, the heart of industrial America where three centuries of experience with occupational and environmental disease offer hard earned lessons to the rest of the country and the world.

Poems of Family.jpg

What's Become of Eden: Poems of Family at Century's End 

Cover illustrated by Lynn H. Butler. Slapering Hol Press, 1999


A collection of poems edited by Stephanie Strickland.

Frozen Spring.jpg

Frozen Spring

By Margo Stever. Cover Illustratio by Lynn H. Butler. Mid List Press, 2002

“An anthology of poems by award winning poet Margo Stever – Founder of the Hudson Valley Writer’s Center and Slapping Hol Press.

The End of Horses.jpg

The End of Horses  

Poetry by Margo Taft Stever. Cover photo by Lynn H. Butler. Broadstone Books, 2022

The End of Horses, has been published by Broadstone Books out of Frankfurt, Kentucky: with text and cover design by Larry R. Moore and a dynamic cover photo by Lynn Butler. This new collection moves the reader through a wide range of subject matter and literary form: from moving elegies and odes to taut prose poems, with the poet anchoring us in the world of living beings, but not putting any one species as the leader of our ongoing parade.

Other Published Works By Lynn

A Visual Journey Into the 
Spiritual Heart of Native America

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